The landlords

at Garðsauki guesthouse are Jón Logi Þorsteinsson and Christiane Leonor Bahner.

Growing up in the town of Selfoss, Jón Logi spent his summers on his grandparents farm Vestri-Garðsauki. In the late 80’s, he moved to the farm himself and started his own business.  He went to the Icelandic agricultural college at Hvanneyri and attended a swedish agricultural school later on.

In 1999, Christiane came from Germany and joined him. At that time, she had just graduated from law school. Now, she’s running her own small law firm in town. Additionally, Christiane has got the licence from the Icelandic guide school and has been working a few summers as a tour guide. 

Jón Logi and Christiane have four children: Sóley (born in June 2004), Sjöfn Lovísa (born in March 2006), Emma Guðrún (born in November 2010) and Þorsteinn Leó (born in July 2012).

Especially during the summer time, our family is often expanding due to trainees, workers, friends and relatives who come to stay with us.

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