Our activities

are mostly hiking, but we can also guide you by other means of transport.

Christiane offers guided hiking tours from 3 to 8 hours. In the last years, she has been exploring the region by foot and found a lot of stunning places off the beaten track.  No matter whether you want to climb one of the mountains in the area, stroll over a sheep or horse pasture, visit an unknown waterfall or just enjoy the view, the clean air and stillness, a hiking trip is a wonderful thing to do.

We hike through the hardly touched Icelandic nature, mostly cross country but sometimes on a narrow sheep track, without any signs or path. The hikes have different levels of difficulty, but you always need a good pair of hiking shoes and should be surefooted.

Logi on the other hand is very knowledgeable in history and agriculture. He can guide you both to historical sites and show you around our own and sometimes other farms.

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